Friday, October 18, 2013

Nature Tray

Our place is really small and any open space is a luxury right now. So to solve some of our desire to still have a little corner for nature. We are now using a small tray (14"x 8"). I found our tray in a craft store like Hobby Lobby or you can find it  here.
To add a unique touch, I hand painted it with acrylic paints, I used one main color so wouldn't take away from the beauty of our nature finds.
My inspiration for the little designs on the tray come from Nature itself but if you don't know what to do, maybe a collage would be easier, where you could select beautiful nature pictures and add to your tray, it would be a perfect project for little ones too. The idea for my Nature Tray come from a British magazine, from a article about  bringing back The Nature Table  to the classrooms, apparently in England the kids were encouraged to bring any seasonal nature specimens to the classroom to everyone to admire it. The idea to have a specific place for our nature finds was just perfect for us.
But because space is a issue for us right now to add a whole table for that purpose would be impossible, so the little tray was the next best idea.
 I love the simplicity of it and the end result.
I was just planning to write about my nature tray when I stumble is this little post about nature study.
Would like more ideas to nature study? Look here.


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