Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Zpagetti Crochet Basket

I had my super fun friend for a visit this past weekend. She is quite a amazing crafter and  crochet is one of her favorite thing to do, so lucky for me 
because here is what we got ourselves into, making Zpagetti basket, a pattern found in Mollie Maker magazine.
I love it! It was hard in my poor wrist, having to work with such bulk yarn, but the end result was pleasing. I end up having leftover yarn, which I was able to make a little basket, doesn't Cedar looks cute inside ? Had to pay him a whole carrot to pose for me.
P.S. we found the yarn at Wal-Mart and I believe you can find it too on Michaels

Books...well I have been trying to finish Little  Britches by Ralph Moody (love it!),  I got the book AUSTENtations crochet by Melissa Horozewski from my library, and least but not last, dreaming of beautiful farms and the country with the Country Living magazine UK.

Participating on Yarn Along.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in. ~George Washington Carver
Nature study is not something planned in my house, just happens. In the spring always seems natural to study nature. Do you feel like that too?
 Who in the Spring could resist the beautiful flowers popping everywhere, the pleasant weather, the happy sings of the birds...not I, not I !
I love to keep around copies of favorite books about nature. Right now we are enjoying:
  • Wildflowers of Texas
  • A Field Guide to the Butterflies of North America 
  • A Guide to Field Identification Birds of North America
  • The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
Do you have a favorite book about nature? I would love to know.
Dwarf Dandelion and Texas Stork's- Bill

Skullcap and verbena (?)


Baby Blue-eyes, Rose Vervain, Phacelia, Erect Dayflower, Wild Onion

Yellow Wood-Sorrel

Spiderwort , Dwarf Dandelion and Yellow Wood-Sorrel

Texas Stork's- Bill


Saturday, April 11, 2015


   Have you visited BABOOPRI ?
My daughter is a little bookworm, and I am a great admired of the nostalgic beauty of old books. We opened BABOOPRI last year to share our love of books with others, but we haven't been given the proper attention, so some of our goals this year,  it is to add more books among bags made by me and some vintage prints and some whimsical drawings by my daughter.

The Midnight Adventures of Kelly, Dot, and Esmeralda by John S. Goodall

We Help Daddy by Mini Stein with pictures by Eloise Wilkin A little Golden Book.

This little business already gave her the chance to learn about costumer service, photography, reinvesting , economizing.

She says that her plans for her profit is to save and buy treats for Cedar, her new adorable Guinea pig.
Are you looking for a specific book ? Or for a special vintage image? Maybe we could help, it would delight us to help you.