Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just Thankful

Just saying hi, and posting some pics from September.This little child of mine and horses...no fear!
The beautiful hummingbirds that come and goes, and a little of "spring",changes,the sky.
Our Lord blesses us with beauty everywhere.
Thank You!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


 My old blue jeans, I had this blue jeans in my closet for a long time, this was one time ,one of my favorites. I saved to use for garden work...But I got a little tired of have hanging on my closet without a purpose.

So a idea come out, why not try to do a fun little skirt for the child???

So I try to make a straight cut and add some fun little designs to it, I found some fun ideas in a German web page here

what do think? I love the results and the child too...
Oh, for the the green edge , the right side of the green fabric faces the wrong side of the blue jeans, after sewing turn the fabric to the right side of the blue jeans,iron, pins and zig-zag way... 
So stylish,uh?
What I love about this project is that now my old blue jeans is a "bermuda" to me,and a skirt for the child .
Also you can use some of those small fabrics sitting around your sewing room.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


 Last week my child had the most delightful class,where the outside was her class room... we went to  Galveston!!! She learn so much awhile enjoying her time with some wonderful friends.
A curious bunch ! The beach had so much to be explorer...

looking for shells

a tiny crab

beautiful fauna in the dunes of Galveston city park
                                                              More about our trip here.


These blog is my space t share about my sewing ... I have a family with many gifted seamstress, from professional quilters to wedding dress makers. Well I am ashamed to mention that I really didn't admire my family abilities until I had my daughter,so I had to learn the hard way and I am still learning. But intresting enough from my  memories from  the past ,watching  them cutting fabric, making their own patterns,sewing...  somehow is united us and I am so thankful for those memories,because bring a connection now in each stitch, in each new creation from my own sewing machine...
                                     Thank you !!!

Here is a project that I have trying to put together for a few months, come out pretty good, my daughter also likes,and that is the most important part to  me !

I just used a half yard  of fabric for the skirt, come out a little long ,bu since this child grows so fast I just decided to keep as is it is
For the ruffles make sure to trace lines on the fabric on the  places that you will attach your ruffles, so will come out nice and straight, so will be easy to allign when you are sewing the side

 for the ruffles I use double the size of the width of the skirt.
-You will need some extra fabric for the ruffles and for the waistband-
The ruffles are about 3 1/2 in. long (for each layer cut 2 of 44 in. will be about  double the width of the skirt)

For the flower I used Heather Bailey's felt

Hope the design above can give you a idea of what I did...

     Skirt for a 6-8 yrs old

  1. Cut your fabric

  2. make your ruffles

  3. attach your ruffles

  4. sew side

  5. make your waistband

  6. attach your waistband

  7. put your elastic(1 in.)

  8. make and attach your flower

Esse e meu blog sobre a minha aventuras na minha maquina de costurar
Meu agradecimento as costureiras na minha familia, que me da inspiracoes toda vez que estou costurandando para a minha filha
Meu primeiro projecto.