Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Painted Churches - A Texas Road Trip

Throughout this year, we have been exploring the little small towns close by Houston.
We found some lovely sites to visit , on one of those explorations we happened to stumble by a sign pointing to a Painted Church. Painted Church? Curiously we follow the sign , the beautiful country scenery with narrow roads didn't disappoint. The drive was short, but from the road we were able to see the point steeple picking from behind the trees. I was excited !
The lovely red brick church reward our curiosity, was worth our side trip, full of history and  masterly ornate, it was a site to behold, I felt like I found a treasure.
 But this  wasn't  the end, we discovered that there are seven more churches similar to Nativity of Mary (2833 FM 2672
Schulenburg, Texas 78956-5603) .
The lovely little churches are located around the country side , fairly close to each other.
It was a year later that we were finally able to make a day trip to visit the other churches.
Its was a super enjoyable time  and I would recommend to anyone. Left me wanting to repeat the trip...maybe at Spring time.
 My pictures couldn't make justice to those  historical  churches.



























Monday, November 18, 2013

I did it !

 With the love of family and friends I was able to survive my first holiday market. The experience was super. I would definitely do it again! Not anytime soon...but maybe next year.
My daughter enjoy her experience immensely, she was also a great helper. 


My booth was just  set up with a large table, from home I brought baskets and a coat hanger. I knew that I wanted different levels to display all my stuff. I am glad I did, because I had more than what I thought. A little crowded but still come out nice. Next time I would definably try to have my sign on the adult eyes level.  

My daughters side of the table, that little girl made more than $ 50.00 , I am so proud of her !

The baby quilt come out really sweet, I am glad, and super soft with the flannel backing. 


A closer look below of everything else , I will be posting some of those things on my Etsy shop. The bibs and cards were my #1 sellers.

                                                               I love my snow baby. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

A super fun, spontaneous, School day

Every year The Renaissance Festival offer 3 school days, we been once before and had a blast with friends. The second time wasn't as fun since we were on our own most of the time...  But this place is an eye candy, with quaint little shops, rides, demonstration, is hard not to enjoy your day. This really can be super educational if you choose so, but I choose to talk   a little about that time period  on our way there , but would be super clever to read all about from simple readers, like the Usborne books, but mostly we choose just to enjoy ourselves without make it a school day . We brought our own lunch and comfortable shoes, the child got to wear her (super simple ) peasant dress.( I really love how it come out and how pleased she was with it, makes a mom happy!)

 This lady was so lovely to talk with. A few of the different fibers...

                                               The Boleyns

                                                Here the part that she most enjoy, the rides.