Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Crochet, Flowers and Books



  Right now I am working on a scarf, you can find the free pattern here. I am thinking, that I probably have the wrong yarn for this project or the wrong hook, since it feels a little stiff. Also trying to learn to crochet small lace shawls for the dolls that I am currently working on. Do you have any suggestions for a book with small projects for dolls? Pinterest always has lovely ideas, specially the Japanese patterns, I like that they always include a diagram of the pattern, since I am a visual learner, I find it easier to follow like that. A friend come over and tried to teach me little tricks and different stitches on knitting...friends are gifts that keeps on giving.
    The books that I am currently reading are: "West from Home" letters from Laura Ingalls Wilder to her husband Almanzo while visiting her daughter Rose in San Francisco 1915. Here is a little quote from the book" ...The more I see the city life the more I love the country..." a girl after my own heart indeed. Also reading "Torches of Joy" a stone age tribe's encounter with the gospel. It is amazing when there isn't any distractions how much one can learn, the Dani people of Irian Jaya are quite amazing.
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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Happy and Thankful










We enjoyed learning to use gouache from the classes offered by Creativebug ,and also photographing some flowers new to me. I am specially taken by the Squared-Bud Daisy(can you spy one in the pictures above?).
Loving what my little town has to offer in many ways, but specially crazy about the flora, I love those simple gifts of nature... even now, looking at those pictures my heart feels happy and thankful!
                                  I hope that your heart feel happy and thankful too.

                                                                           ** JM **