Friday, February 14, 2014

Read -Aloud Handbook

I started reading for my daughter the day I got her home from the hospital, she was just five days old. The little book "Baby, Boo!" by Emma Dodd was sitting waiting for her arrival among her toys.
 At that time, I didn't know the wonderful benefits of reading for my little baby... but read we did, I would sit her on my lap and read away.
Nine years later I have a voracious reader.
Could that little habit be the reason why she loves to read so much???

Jim Trelease , author of Read Aloud Handbook, believes so.
Here is what he says:
Those who "Read the most , read the best."

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 Check out this video:

I am a believer. Why?

Because English is not my 1st language, and I never had anyone reading for me out-loud.

But here is what change the way I wanted to bring up my daughter.
Seen friends reading for their young children, libraries and bookstores, the love for books in North America from young to old is phenomenal. Seen that change my perspective enormously.
"People really love books here." I would think.