Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Queen!

Doesn't she makes a good Queen ? Well, she is the queen of my heart.
The adorable crown is from Small Things one of the most sweet and beautiful blogs out there!
The directions are really simple and you can have one of those done in no time.
Would this be a great give away for a birthday party?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Quilt Market

This year I had the chance to work at the Quilt Market, I enjoy the experience so much that I hope to work more  days next time . From my lunch area I was able to take those pictures of the booths.

The quilt market are for the retailers,is not open for the likes of me. But I found this part of the Quilt Show more appealing, since I like fabrics so much, here is where ones can see what comes next, what is new and even get to meet some of( my favorite )the designers.

This booth looks so lovely I just had to take pics

MODA, isn't their display so cute ? 
I love Oliver+s , their patterns are so sweet!
If you go by their blog they have some cute patterns for free ,my favorite is the Lazy days skirt .

Their booth was amazing, and all the workers  were wearing wigs.
The little dress above is so darling(sorry not the best pic).
more about this booth here.

Modik patterns

Anna Maria Horner, I met her and she is so sweet and really personal !
Her fabrics are so soft! I WANT SOME!!!!

Amy Butler.

Here is just a few that I could see, my legs were really hurting going around ,but was so worth!!!
Later I will post some of the amazing quilts in display at the show...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meet Josefina and Charlotte

I have wanted to introduce you to the most beloved dolls in my house,
Josie and Charlie,those dear little dolls have brought many fun play around here.
Josie loves to dress up, ride horses,and river dance.
Charlie loves to dress up too, fix her hair,and have tea with her best friend Josie.


Best friends, they are always up to something

After the tea party ,pics in the garden
I never thought that my daughter would love those handmade dolls so much, she plays and sleeps with them.
Josie is the Nutcracker doll from A.Paulson's book. I believe I order the book because of the picture of the doll on the cover, if you have time check here to some beautiful Nutcracker dolls and some other project from her book  Stitched in Time, and Charlie is my own pattern ( I call Charlie the ugly doll, with makes her "mom" and occasionally "sister", really mad).
I love making dolls,they are most of the time easy, rewarding and fast to make !

Monday, November 1, 2010

Good Memories

 I can't believe that sewing have been one of my favorite things for about 4 years right now,I just love the idea of making things out of my hands...
 I am not really big in sewing for myself,but I love sewing for  for my little daughter and some dear little friends. How couldn't I ? Is so fun to mix and match colors for children, is so fun to make little dresses and little skirts, and kids don't look for defects,right? Not to mention all the beautiful fabrics and patterns out there!
Skirt pattern by Fabritopia

My child is always happy to have a new skirt,...the bad part is that everytime I am sewing something she thinks that is for her.
Toda as vezes que costuro algo minha filha pensa que e para ela.

I must say that I been blessed in family ,a family that loves to sew. Unfortunelly I didn't appreciate that much when I was young. I did love everything that my mom sewed for me,but I never had a intresting in watch and learn...they try, from my mom to my nieces they all try to teach me,I am thankfully the did because of those "trys" I went back to those sweet memories of watching a new dress been put together for me,my childhood pictures with beautiful handmade dresses(one day I need to post a few of those pictures),so now I want those same memories for my own child too!
Na minha familia todas as mulheres sabem costurar,porem eu nunca tive interesse,porem quando tive minha filha,minha memorias dos vestidos lindos feito para mim trouxe um desejo em mim de fazer roupinhas para ela tambem,e quem sabe ela tera lembracas e aprenda a costurar por causa das memorias dos vestidinhos que eu fiz para ela !
             Right now is such a exciting time to learn to sew and even learn some fun tricks from the experts of the sewing world, from those 4 yrs ago ,I have been blessed to have family  and friends guide me , and to buy books and patterns that has helps me to get a little better everytime I try a new thing,and the internet with some amazing blogs fun !

 So why do like to sew? Do you have a story? I would love to read...
Porque voce gosta de costurar? Voce tem uma estoria tambem? Eu gostaria de ler...