Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Greek Alphabet Stamps

  My husband have a super creative side to him , he came out with a very cool craft ,I was amaze at the results and was fun to make it too...
He  made out stamps out of the Greek alphabet(his crafts usually have something to do with Education---I should call those stamps the GEEK STAMPS) using  foam sheets.
1. He print the largest letters that could fit on the 2X3.5in.wood blocks (you can find those at a craft store).
2. After, he cut and glue the letters on the foam.
3.Then we cut the letters shapes with very small and sharp scissors
4. I use wood glue to  attach the letters to the wood blocks.(remember to glue the letters backwards).

5. the I use spools as handles

6. We also add the letters  to the back of the stamps ,so we would know the correct  position .

Here is what you can do with some of the small pieces

Now some extra fun with those stamps...we got t-shirts at Hobby Lobby and later we will be stamping those with some fun Greek stuff...

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