Monday, November 19, 2012

Sewing up a deal

     Sewing runs through our blood, I could say that about my family and myself, and  if so, my daughter got those genes too. Fabric, needles and threads are parts of her gift requests . Her room is her studio, where many creations from dolls to beaded rings are created almost every day. Her dolls have super creative wardrobe. Tiny bits of fabrics are everywhere, pins and needles too (ouch!!!)

IMG_6597 151

 Her passion for sewing start just about 3 years ago, I gave her a cross-stitched project and she went after. The project didn't look perfect, but my goal was to get her expose to sewing, and to practice something that would require hands/eyes coordination . Also using pieces of fabrics(mostly burlap) with plastic needle gave her more practice and more confidence to start with other small projects. Later on, she start using my needles to make little bags and little quilts, where she would join 2 pieces of fabrics together to make a bag (right sides facing) or little square to make a tiny quilt.

IMG_6604 157

So after teaching her to use my sewing machine, she got her own. Learning to use the sewing machine wasn't hard ,the hardest part is learning to control the speed, and that has to do with getting used to the pedal. I just had to get her some time . Also remind her to concentrate and to pay attention, since she loves to talk and can get easily distracted.

IMG_6688 079

Little doll  above was all hand sewn by her.

IMG_6499 197 Using my sewing machine...on low speed.
IMG_6598 152
IMG_6500 198

IMG_6502 196All her dolls have a heart," So they can love", she says.

IMG_6689 080

IMG_6687 078
        Letting my daughter using a sewing machine still scares me, but I can see that by setting the time to teach her the correct way to use the machine has pay off. I am always surprise with her abilities, but in truth children are capable beings that when given the right tools amazes things happens!

Now that she is a accomplished seamstress ,she tells me that she wants to sell her goods on Etsy too.(oh, what have I done ?! )

Our favorite sewing books:

Made by me by Jane Bull (the pattern for the dolls on this post came from this book, perfect for handsaw or machine.)

Sew It, Stuff it by Rob Merrett (cute soft toys, and some simple for beginners)

Mollie Makes Magazine

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