Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wee Pincushions tutorial

I don't know why but my mind is always thinking and rethink for uses for the most ridiculous objects.
Lately has been the insert caps for our non-dairy coffee creamer. It looks just like a ring, with a perfect little flat top .
Every time I would pull one of the inserts, the idea to make a tiny ring pincushion would pop up.
Here is what you will need:
-Insert cap, look like a little ring(look on above picture)
-Stuffing or a cotton ball
First cut you fabric twice the size of the circumference of the cap. My cap are just about one inch long, so your fabric will be 2 inches longer, but to make it easier I just made a template from of one of my vitamins cap.
After making your templates, you will gather it, folding the edging as you go so it won't fray.
As you get to the end don't gather yet, now is the time to fit the stuffing in as you fit the stuffing gather a little bit.  Start to fit the fabric on the top of the ring, start to gather the fabric after placing it in the top of the ring (like the picture below). Add more stuff if needed.
 Knot it where the ring and the top meet.
That is it. I hope it is easy to understand.
I made the little ladybug pincushion for my daughter.
Don't you think that would be so fun to make a wee bunny and a wee mouse too. Well maybe one day, after I open another coffee creamer. Who knows.

My daughter, who always have a hand sewn project at hand, have been testing for the usability of those tiny cushions, and I think I got a five star from her.
** JM **

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