Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Cutest Christmas Ornament

This is one of my favorite Christmas Ornaments. It has been inspired by the one my sister-in-law made as a little girl, I always loved the simplicity and the vintage feeling to it.
 The process is pretty self explanatory and the materials are really minimum(scrapbook paper, ribbons, fine markers, ink). I made those with my daughter and nephew, I also made one with my husband ,daughter and my finger print and added the year to it. The possibilities are really endless... Wouldn't  be cute making one for a teacher with her pupils finger print?
Tip: Help you kids, specially the little ones with the finger print part, since it can be a little messy. Also let dry for a bit, before any writing.
Right now I am in the process to make a hand sewn one too, with some cute holiday fabrics.
What are you making for Christmas? Any simple ideas to make with the kids?


  1. Cute!! That is a great idea--I'll have to try that when my kids' fingers are bigger!

  2. Super cute! They would make great thank you notes too!