Wednesday, October 6, 2010


 My old blue jeans, I had this blue jeans in my closet for a long time, this was one time ,one of my favorites. I saved to use for garden work...But I got a little tired of have hanging on my closet without a purpose.

So a idea come out, why not try to do a fun little skirt for the child???

So I try to make a straight cut and add some fun little designs to it, I found some fun ideas in a German web page here

what do think? I love the results and the child too...
Oh, for the the green edge , the right side of the green fabric faces the wrong side of the blue jeans, after sewing turn the fabric to the right side of the blue jeans,iron, pins and zig-zag way... 
So stylish,uh?
What I love about this project is that now my old blue jeans is a "bermuda" to me,and a skirt for the child .
Also you can use some of those small fabrics sitting around your sewing room.

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