Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Meet Josefina and Charlotte

I have wanted to introduce you to the most beloved dolls in my house,
Josie and Charlie,those dear little dolls have brought many fun play around here.
Josie loves to dress up, ride horses,and river dance.
Charlie loves to dress up too, fix her hair,and have tea with her best friend Josie.


Best friends, they are always up to something

After the tea party ,pics in the garden
I never thought that my daughter would love those handmade dolls so much, she plays and sleeps with them.
Josie is the Nutcracker doll from A.Paulson's book. I believe I order the book because of the picture of the doll on the cover, if you have time check here to some beautiful Nutcracker dolls and some other project from her book  Stitched in Time, and Charlie is my own pattern ( I call Charlie the ugly doll, with makes her "mom" and occasionally "sister", really mad).
I love making dolls,they are most of the time easy, rewarding and fast to make !

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