Tuesday, December 21, 2010

November & December overview and crafts.

Isn't that little girl a doll? She is just 3 yrs old.
   I have not post much about the many things we been learning and doing.  November and December are busy months for us,so posting anything come as last priority...
So I will attempt to post some of the fun things we did between the month of November and now.
  Including our field trips and hands on stuff for Christmas. So I will let the pictures do the talk, with little explanation on some.

1.  Thanksgiving at Bayou Bend.
We learn a little about the native America dances ,and about the first European settlers.

My child dancing with the natives

Speed dance

 2. In one of our a science class, we learn about our local bats.


this was a plus, this lady from the CITY PARKS was available with lots of information

Mexican free-tailed bat
 3. Learn to give

My child donate her hair to Locks of Love.

4.Christmas Crafts

With some simple ans small things found around the house you can make very cute Christmas ornaments

From a frozen juice lid
from toothpicks and sweet gun pod

  with glitter and pine cones (make a glue water and dip then in then add glitter)
and the traditionally popcorn and cranberries

5.Christmas party

I had saved some instruction on how to make those little houses for a year, finally got the courage to make a very SWEET get together, that maybe will became a tradition around here.

Here is the end product,cute right?

My child's house

 other creative little houses
 I love how each of the kids (from 2 to 7) come with amazing ideas.

A simple way to make a Christmas's tree, by using ice-cream cones...

The idea in making those little houses is to have fun, your child may be extra SWEET by the end...

Here is how you can make those little houses:
1 or more box of Graham crackers(you will need 3 crackers per child)
1 meringue powder (baking section)
powder sugar
food coloring
and lots of colorful candy

break the crackers in half
 melt sugar on a fry pan ,as the sugar turns brown(low the heat) start to join the crackers at 90 Degree angle, those will be the wall and roof
(you don't need to join the 4 corners of the house,just the 2 will be fine)

Now prepare you meringue powder:
4t of meringue powder
4T of water
2 1/2  cups of powdered sugar
add water if too thick

from my group of 9 kids, I repeated this  recipe 5 times (it was just enough)

The meringue mix, will be the GLUE to hold your little house in place, and is what makes you able to add decorations to the houses
Also add food coloring to make the trees and to make colorful walls(use a small container for different colors)
Use a plastic knife to spread the mixture as you get ready to add decorations.
I cover small pieces of card board(like cereal boxes cut to make about 8x10 pieces) with aluminum papers ,so the kids could have a base for their houses and also makes easy to carry it home.

I wish I had post those a little earlier, but still maybe you will have time to do those with the little ones in your family at Christmas day.
The fun on the last craft is that can be use to Easter too.

Well if I don't write again this year let me wish you a
Merry Christmas

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