Tuesday, December 21, 2010

On my sewing table

 Right now as the end of the year approaches, the projects that have been start are now sitting patiently on my sewing table begging to be finish.
I love the faces of Opal,Violet, Marie,Ruby and Rose they just keep they sweet look waiting to be the next one to be pick.
Are you like that? Good at starts but no so fast to finish (HORRIBLE!!!). 

The nutcracker's dolls
        My child also have some sewing project waiting to be finish, she loves to sew ,she design and even embroider. Don't you love the glasses?

   This is done, I will have to add some pics later.
 I made this dress(not his view below) for my child's recital,come out really cute,
the pattern is simple and easy to make...

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