Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dress turns into Nightdress/ De vestido para camisola

          When I was a little girl I had the most beautiful clothes, my mom could sew anything, she made up her own patterns just by look at  pictures in a magazine.

 I love sewing to my little girl too,but making my own pattern...well let's just say lots of fabric have been waste around here. But doesn't mean that I have give up in the idea of trying (ouch!).So here is one little project that I decided to try, my mom sent this lovely outfit for my daughter (she never asks me for measurements). The little top is so cute, and LOOKS quite easy. So this is the documenting of me trying on making my own pattern again.

Look at the details,cute right? Simple enough right?

Here I go...I start by getting some of this lovely lace(English lace?).Any sewing store carries.

I measure the chest , cut the lace, measure the sleeves ,cut the lace .Then gather and attach everything.(Easy right?)  

Now the bottom edge of the sleeves, what do I do with it? Well no need to panic, just attach to the body.

Now the body looks really wide(but I measure!)...Do I have to gather the body too? I guess???


After all the sweat ...I got the only left over piece of my favorite  little roses fabric and use to make the skirt, was just the perfect size too. So far not waist of fabric, Yeah!!!


Here is the finish product(don't look too close).It will be a little dress used in the house only,a sweet nightdress due to some unexplainable technical problems.But  I am proud to have made something that was inspired by my mom's sewing's. I must say, I still will be wasting lots of fabrics before I can become as accomplished . But doesn't- hurts very- much to try, right?

Minha mae sempre fazia as roupas mais lindas para mim quando era pequena,Ela olhava numa revista e podia copiar qualquer modelo de vestidinhos.Agoro tento fazer o mesmo para a minha filha.Porem sem muiro susseso.

Aqui mostro minha tentativa em copiar a blusa que ela fez para minha filha. Fique feliz com os resultados , porem nao sera algo que ela ira usar fora de casa, sera uma camisolinha.







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