Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Worth Our Time

      I want to share with you about the 3 DVDs that we have been watching over and over . They are fun to watch and also full of useful information. I also add a You Tube link, make sure to check out,is worth! 

                      Making Herbs Simple: Volume 1       Homestead Blessings: The Art of Herbs      Homesteading for Beginners Volume One DVD

  1. Making Herbs Simple by Shoshanna-Vol.1 . I have learn so much from this DVD !Shoshanna is so enthusiastic and funny.  From her DVD I specially love the up close detail of the wild herbs, the explanation on what to do with those herbs and the many different ways to prepare it. I was so excited to know that Yarrow is still been use for remedies and that Plantain is so easy to find around my neighborhood. Excellent for beginners.
  2. Homestead Blessings -The Art of Herbs . This DVD  is so fun ,you get a tour of their herb garden ( always a plus for me since I love gardens ) and learn  many fun ways to use herbs. I love learning about Comfrey and it uses for the garden, about vinegars,teas,drying herbs...Excellent for beginners.
  3. Homesteading for Beginners- Vol.1.  This DVD is so fun to watch, we make popcorn and enjoy seen this young family planting,harvesting and enjoying their farm. I love the family working together and seen how the kids are very involve in all that they do. I specially like the care and processing  of the chickens. This is for beginners too. Aldo fun you will learn a lot from it and your family will be inspired !

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