Thursday, March 15, 2012

In my Garden

IMG_4742 007      
IMG_4736 005
IMG_4726 002

IMG_4733 003

IMG_4737 006

IMG_4743 008

IMG_4744 009

IMG_4762 024

IMG_4746 010    
IMG_4760 022

IMG_4753 017

IMG_4763 025

IMG_4761 023

IMG_4766 027

IMG_4765 026

IMG_4747 011

IMG_4771 029

        This little garden(15x40) never ceases to  amazes me, to the most simple flowers and the most complex one.To the not so welcome reptiles to the curious look ones. I always prize my little garden and my early mornings spent there.

         The pictures above were taken just in one morning. Busy little garden,uh?

                                      What's happening in you garden?





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