Monday, April 30, 2012

Nature walk and New Skirt

IMG_6163 012                   

I can't resist wildflowers, lately coreopsis have been everywhere here, and with a new skirt ,I just had to take pictures. We also encounter many birds(bluejay,finches,mocking bird,sparrows),a tiny frog and a good variety of flowers.

IMG_6148 006

IMG_6146 005

                                                       Tiny tortured frog
                                                           IMG_6159 010                                                                  Verbena
IMG_6162 011                                               Coreopsis(yellow flower)
IMG_6168 015                                                             Passionflower
IMG_6169 016                                                         Passionflower fruit
IMG_6178 019                                                                         BeeBalm
IMG_6187 025                                                  Not familiar with this plant,but I love it!
IMG_6189 027                                                                 Another verbena
IMG_6179 020                                                          Not familiar with this plant also
IMG_6188 026                      In the end of our walk ,we end up with a beautiful bouquet.

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