Monday, April 23, 2012

New Mexico


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Driving to the park

Our first stop in New Mexico was Las Cruces, for none special reason other then curiosity. Also after 12 hours driving made for a good place to start our vacation. We stay 3 nights on the Hotel Encantado.

 Here what we did and love it :

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The White Sand : this park is called the White Sands National Monument,is about 40 miles from Las Cruces,a easy straight drive.The park is the largest(275 square miles) gypsum dune field in the world.    The dunes are snow white and fills so cool to the touch . All this makes for a fantastic experience! The entrace of the park is also on the old adobe style, very nice for pictures too.


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View from above

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 Here my suggestion, if you plan to visit the park, bring lots of water and something hydrate too like coconut water. The park have very nice picnic areas,just steps way from the dunes,can fill pretty fast. Go early ,because even in a nice day(65 to 70 degrees) can it  feel very hot. Sunblock, hats, sunglasses, beach toys, umbrella, nice folding chairs, kite, ball...are other things to consider. The park also sells slide boards($14),you will want one of those. Many people make a day of it,bring food.

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We love this park so much,that we end up going back the next day.                                                                                              




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Wow, this is a long post, will have to tell about OLD MESILLA in another post.

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