Thursday, May 31, 2012

Simple birthday decoration - Tutorial

My daughter turned 8 and a birthday party was in her agenda, but wasn't really on mine,so with just one week to go, for some reason memories of summer in my country kept popping up in my mind ,we always have quadrilhas in the summer,we would make banderinhas(small flags) and decorate the street. It's always so colorful ! So why not make banderinhas for a super easy and super fast decorations for her party-and cheap too. I used tissue paper,the more colors the better,and my sewing machine. Anyone can make those, is a easy project for anyone that can use scissors and glue.

1.Make the 1st banderinha (as a pattern) you can even pin all together for easy cutting. My are about 8x6in.

IMG_6246 001
2. The second kind of banderinhas are the  triangle shape ones. If you pay close attention, I use the left over paper from the other flag (#1) to make those. My are about 8x6in. too.

IMG_6248 002
3.So here is what you should have, at this point you  can organized how you want to have it. I just eye pick the colors  as I was  putting together...


IMG_6253 003

4. Now to put your banderinhas together you have to options, you can use glue and yarn,or some kind of strong thread or you can do as I did, sew then together. keep in mind to have 12 in  space of thread in the begining  and in the end. Also make sure to space about 11/2 in to 2 in. between each of the flags.

IMG_6255 004

IMG_6256 005
5. Here are the finished project. I used about 2 rows with 30 flags in each for my room. I am sure you could calculate how many flags you need ...,but all I did was to walk in the room with a row of banderinhas and measure (and add more as I needed). I tape the rows to my wall the night before her big day ,the tape did I good job keeping the banderinhas in place.IMG_6257 006


Other ideas:

Make banderinhas for baby shower,with different shades of pink for a little girl would be so cute.

Make for a super bowl party with your team colors.

Make for a 4th of July party.

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