Tuesday, October 30, 2012

      I  love the look of old vintage suitcase and the many possibilities for storage. A few months ago, I was hurrying out of my driveway, when I spotted this suitcase. I couldn't pass this treasure out, specially that I have seen some for sale for more then 50 dollars. My treasure is in pretty good condition, so I just add a bit of color, without taking the vintage flair wayIMG_6599 153                                                             

                                                               1.  Here is what I did:

IMG_6582 138                            Clean inside and out,  including letting it sit open outside in the sunshine.

                                                                  IMG_6583 139

        Bought  a variety  of scrapbook paper (on 50% off). To get the apperance of patchwork I used 7 different patterns of  the 12x12 in.  paper,and cut out each by 6x6 in.. That seem to work well for my project, my briefcase is about 28x21 in.


IMG_6584 140

     I Started with the corner edges, and use modge pod. Is very important to keep smoothing over.

IMG_6585 141          For a nice  look in the edges, make little snips ,that will be overlap on the paper already in place. 


IMG_6586 142

              The paper that is lifted, should be glue after the bottow part is glued. 

IMG_6592 148

IMG_6591 147

                                                            After working with the corners, start to work on the top, then all the edges. For the edges I used I sharp knife to cut the extra paper.
IMG_6590 146

                                                                                                                       All done!                                                                          


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