Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nature study- Early Autumn

 Early Autumn is still warm here(80's).For us is more like pleasantly warm, I should say, since summer is usually in the 90's and up. So one delightful activity is nature journaling. We usually equip ourselves with color pencils, nature books of every kind,cameras and our journals.

Nature journaling has a relax effect, is so wonderful to observe and reflect our observations on paper.

We been doing this kind of journaling on and off for a few years,but this year we will be more committed ,since we have a group that is doing the same.

We have Oak trees in abundance here, and acorn of all shapes and shades of browns, those are always fun to collect .

Garden,Nature Journal,C.C. 003My daughter always surprises me with her beautiful work and choice of colors. Is fun to look on some of her journaling from a year ago and see how she adds more details as she grows.

Garden,Nature Journal,C.C. 002
I am always trying to be a model for her, by participate, observe,drawing and writing on my journal,and quite frankly is not hard to do, since I enjoy too. If drawing is difficult there are many resources on the web for inspiration . A few ideas is to collect some of your finds and paste to your journal, or photo journaling . I have a few wonderful ideas on one my Pin board.

Garden,Nature Journal
morning glory, mexican sage, mist plant

Nature Journaling doesn't have to be a big ordeal, your own backyard can supply many inspirations. Flowers, bugs, plants and grass is all available in abudance everywhere. My backyard is very tiny,but we always find plenty of beauty , from bunnies to snakes.

IMG_6783 069Ladybug on  Hibiscus leaf.

IMG_6785 071Hibiscus bloosoms, perfect for flower study.

IMG_7142 013Tadpoles,every child should have the joy of observe tadpoles.

IMG_7148 003A October wild flower,name unknow to me.

IMG_7149 004Goldenrod

Nature Journal to flicker-11One of our backyard sessions.

    Books that we love for nature study:
1.Trees,a golden guide from St.Martin's press                                                                                2.A guide field identification Birds of North America
3.Anna Botsford Comstock,Handbook of Nature Study 


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