Friday, November 15, 2013

A super fun, spontaneous, School day

Every year The Renaissance Festival offer 3 school days, we been once before and had a blast with friends. The second time wasn't as fun since we were on our own most of the time...  But this place is an eye candy, with quaint little shops, rides, demonstration, is hard not to enjoy your day. This really can be super educational if you choose so, but I choose to talk   a little about that time period  on our way there , but would be super clever to read all about from simple readers, like the Usborne books, but mostly we choose just to enjoy ourselves without make it a school day . We brought our own lunch and comfortable shoes, the child got to wear her (super simple ) peasant dress.( I really love how it come out and how pleased she was with it, makes a mom happy!)

 This lady was so lovely to talk with. A few of the different fibers...

                                               The Boleyns

                                                Here the part that she most enjoy, the rides.

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