Monday, November 18, 2013

I did it !

 With the love of family and friends I was able to survive my first holiday market. The experience was super. I would definitely do it again! Not anytime soon...but maybe next year.
My daughter enjoy her experience immensely, she was also a great helper. 


My booth was just  set up with a large table, from home I brought baskets and a coat hanger. I knew that I wanted different levels to display all my stuff. I am glad I did, because I had more than what I thought. A little crowded but still come out nice. Next time I would definably try to have my sign on the adult eyes level.  

My daughters side of the table, that little girl made more than $ 50.00 , I am so proud of her !

The baby quilt come out really sweet, I am glad, and super soft with the flannel backing. 


A closer look below of everything else , I will be posting some of those things on my Etsy shop. The bibs and cards were my #1 sellers.

                                                               I love my snow baby. 

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