Saturday, April 11, 2015


   Have you visited BABOOPRI ?
My daughter is a little bookworm, and I am a great admired of the nostalgic beauty of old books. We opened BABOOPRI last year to share our love of books with others, but we haven't been given the proper attention, so some of our goals this year,  it is to add more books among bags made by me and some vintage prints and some whimsical drawings by my daughter.

The Midnight Adventures of Kelly, Dot, and Esmeralda by John S. Goodall

We Help Daddy by Mini Stein with pictures by Eloise Wilkin A little Golden Book.

This little business already gave her the chance to learn about costumer service, photography, reinvesting , economizing.

She says that her plans for her profit is to save and buy treats for Cedar, her new adorable Guinea pig.
Are you looking for a specific book ? Or for a special vintage image? Maybe we could help, it would delight us to help you.

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